LNC Services

Providing The Professional Legal Consulting expertise you need to develop your strongest case

Kathleen Martin, RN, MSN, MPA, LNHA, CPHQ, WCC, HACP is a legal nurse consultant who uses specialized education and 30 years of hospital, long term care, clinical nursing, and administrative experience to help attorneys with cases involving medical malpractice, negligence, and personal injury.

Service Summary:

Assessment & Evaluation of:

Compliance with or deviations in Standards of Care

Underlying Medical Conditions

Pertinent Missing Records; fraudulent documentation

Key Clinical Areas:

Extensive clinical and operational experience is used to thoroughly understand the medical issues in each case. Time is used efficiently to research, organize and screen cases, interview clients or witnesses, and review medical records while you and your staff concentrate on the legal aspects of a case, while providing these services at a fraction of the cost charged by Physicians and other experts.

My services are helping attorney’s every day to eliminate the potential of litigation failure by uncovering and interpreting critical medical issues. Kathleen Martin reviews and “translates” the medical record, prepares and develops a concise chronological time-line that highlights critical events, and delivers a professional report that includes medical research, definitions and a summary of the clients injuries, treatments and outcomes, including chronologies as indicated. Referrals may be made to fit your needs.